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Adele is an art student. Crazy about arts, she loves to dress young and sexy. She is looking for a sugar daddy to spend time with.

All our Silver Dolls are very realistic. They weight 77lbs (35kgs)*. They stand at 5ft 4in (1m65). More details on the Additional Information tab. You can click on the above images to customize other features of the doll such as her skin color.

Sublime dolls are designed & manufactured in Paris, France. Each doll is handmade by our team of 4 craftsmen. The skin of our dolls is made with medical grade. Unlike dolls with other material, our dolls are friendly to the human skin. Because this material is also very fine, we are able to produce very detailed features on the face and other.

Our dolls come with 3 sexual parts:

  • Mouth
  • Vagina
  • Anus

Each cavity is extremely realistic. It is tight and smooth, like real women.

* Plus or minus a 5% variation


5ft 4in (1m65)


6.5 US (39 Europe)


Fully articulated steel frame


Medical Silicone


77lbs (35kg)


35.4in (90cm)




37.4in (95cm)

Sexual Cavities

, ,

We offer 1y warranty after your purchase. This warranty exclude any impact, tears or rift which could be the consequence of a mishandling or a misuse.

Payment method

Paypal, all credit cards or bank transfer


All payment methods are perfectly secure: we use ssl (https) encryption to process payments. You benefit from buyer protection with Paypal and your credit card company.


We offer

Shipping cost

We offer FREE shipping worldwide.

Shipping time

2 weeks. No shipping occurs on thursdays and fridays.

Shipping company

DHL or Fedex, with tracking number

Shipping Origin

We ship all our dolls from France, where they are manufactured.


Depending on option chosen: cardboard box or metal case. All packaging is very discreet.


4 reviews for Adele

  1. Impressed by the quality of my lovedoll… She looks like a real woman

    - verified owner
    • Thanks for your review Franck!

      - Customer Service
  2. I wholeheartedly recommend this doll. One of the best sex dolls I have ever owned. Period.
    Even realdoll doesnt do dolls as good. And yet they are more expensive.
    And Julian at the customer service is rock solid.

    - verified owner
    • Thanks Malcolm! We are proud to make you so happy!

      - Customer Service
  3. Fast shipping, Exellent Quality Doll !!!

    - verified owner
    • Hi Nick, thanks for your review!

      - Customer Service
  4. first time buyer here.
    before buying I did a lot of research
    at first i thought i would go for a japanese doll
    because i tought they were the most realistic

    but i read on some forums that sublimedoll actually
    achieve a similar level of quality but its much more affordable than the japanese doll. also japanese doll
    can take very long to be delivered (month…) or be stuck at customs sometime. None of this with french dolls such as sublime dolls. so I chose this website.

    The shipping time was very reasonable (about 2 weeks)
    and the quality of the doll with remarkable
    nothing to complain about, its a great purchase.

    - verified owner
    • Thank you for your review! For a long time we were trying to achieve a quality as good as Japanese dolls, but Im glad to say that these days we became able to make dolls even more realistic than them. A lot of hard work!

      - Customer Service

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